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A car accident can place you in a scary and inconvenient situation and in several car accidents, there are no physical injuries but you have to deal with filing a car insurance claim. The process of filing and receiving compensation claim is a slow process though you will get reimbursements for repairs and other damages to your car. On the other than, there are car accidents which result in serious injuries to the occupants of the car. Whether you have filed for a personal injury compensation or car accident compensation claim, you must acquaint yourself with facts related to car accident compensation claim.

When to consult with Car Accident Lawyer

Following are some of the guidelines that will help you in filing a car accident compensation claim:

a) If you or somebody else was involved in a car accident then you have to call the police first. Do not leave the scene of an accident because it is punishable under law and in case, someone has received serious injuries then you should immediately dial 911 for an ambulance.

b) You should not move your car unless and until you are stuck in a dangerous situationn. The immediate position of your car after the impact will help the police to better understand who was at fault.

c) You should get insurance details of all the drivers who are involved in the accident. You should also note down the other driver’s license registration and if the police arrive at the accident scene then they will gather insurance information from each motorist. This information will be used while filing a police report. You should also note down the police officer’s precinct, badge number, and accident report number.

In case, the police does not arrive then you should collect 1) driver’s license 2) vehicle registration number and 3) insurance card.  In case, someone refuses to give the details then you can note down their license plate number and State.

d) You should avoid getting into the heated arguments with other drivers and you can always explain your version of what happened to the police officer at the scene.

e) An eyewitness account of the car accident can help in establishing who was at fault. In case, there were any eyewitnesses then make sure to note down their name, address and contact number.

f) You should seek medical aid and if you have suffered any injuries then it should be mentioned in your medical report by your medical practitioner or hospital. There are many accident cases where patients start to experience excruciating pains after one-two months of involved in an accident. A minor injury can develop into a major one and thus, you must keep a record of injuries that you have sustained due to the car accident.

g) You should contact your insurance company and tell them that you’ve had an accident. If you fail to inform your insurance company timely then they can refuse to pay for the claim.

h) Take pictures of the accident scene and of damages. Insurance representatives do take pictures, but they are not present at the scene of the accident. It is a great help to have a set of pictures that shows the accident scene and the position of the vehicles, apart from the surrounding environment, and that too after an accident. These will help you in telling your story of how the accident occurred and will enable the court to see who could be at fault.

i) If you think that the other driver was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you have to tell the police officer and ask him to administer a sobriety test.

You should also consult with your car accident lawyer who will help you receive justice and compensation for your injuries.Most personal injury and accident lawyers offer legal services on a contingency basis. Thus, you don’t need to pay anything before hiring an experienced attorney and your lawyer will receive a percentage of the money which he or she wins at the end of the case. Hiring a lawyer will increase your chances of receiving compensation that you deserve.

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