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Majority accidents occur in winters causing serious injuries to pedestrians as well as to the driver.Around 60% of accident victims undergo pain even after 1 year of injury in the joints and limbs (44%), the back and spine (26%), brain and head (12%) and in the neck (7%).


“American Pain Foundation” has published a report stating that Back pain is main cause of disability in Americans aged below 45 years.


All victims of car accidents due to negligence of the driver or any authority must contact an attorney to get justice and compensation. Most of the lawyers fight with the insurance companies to stop them from nullifying genuine insurance claims and projecting wrong medical reports.


When to Consult with your Auto Accident Lawyer ?


In contrast, heavy truck accidents prove fatal for the car occupants including the driver. The victims of such accidents must immediately call for medical help and also get in touch with a car accident lawyer soon after the accident. This would help in receiving the correct amount of compensation for the injuries in a short time.Car Accident attorney represents victims of personal injury, accident injury and medical malpractice within New York City (NYC). All victims of personal injury should contact them for free legal consultation.


New Yorkis one of the most populous states in the US, and is visited by millions of tourists every year.  This has led to a substantial rise in population and the city also has millions of auto vehicles that include cars, motorbikes, trucks and other vehicles plying its narrow and congested roads. Thus, it is but natural that there will be accidents and if you are involved in any such accidents due to the negligence of some individual or authority then you would be eligible for personal injury compensation.

Every year, several accidents take place in New York (NY) and some of these accidents are minor whereas others prove to be fatal. Accidents also take place due to the negligence of the auto, car, motorcycle or truck drivers, pedestrians, driving conditions or due to drunk driving. It is quite unfortunate that innocent people lose lives due to negligence or the dangerous actions of certain individuals.

Call Now New York Auto Accident Lawyers


New York personal injury law deals with cases where innocent people fall victim to the negligence or the deliberate actions of individuals, authority or the entity (private or public). So, if you or your loved ones become victims of personal injury in New York City then get in touch with a NY personal injury lawyer who will help you get justice and compensation. Your personal injury compensation will give compensation for medical bills incurred by the victim’s family and that will also provide compensation for injuries, lost wages (if any), and also trauma that a victim has suffered.


In a big city like NY, it is difficult to source out a good New York Accident Lawyer. However, there are only a few professional lawyers who work on a contingency basis. Lawyers who work like this provides legal services that are free of cost. They will receive a percentage of the final compensation amount, and that too only if they succeed in winning case. Thus, you won’t have to pay anything before hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury attorneys work on the client’s behalf and in NY, there are different types of personal injury lawyers; there are a few who have specialization in a majority of cases. If your lawyer has experience in various personal injuries then your chances of winning a case will be higher. But, every single personal injury lawyer has his or her own specialization in particular legal cases. Some have experience in medical malpractice cases whereas others have experience in auto accident compensation cases.


If you are involved in an accident or injury then you should expect miracles from insurance companies. Most insurance companies will try to cheat you of your injury claim irrespective of your injuries. Thus, before you decide to file a personal injury compensation claim then you have to ensure that there are no loopholes in your injury claims. There are cases where genuine injury compensation claims are rejected by insurance companies.

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